Strings and Bowing Practice

Thanks to some valued advice from Don, I ordered a new set of Pirastro Flexocor G, D, and A strings, and a D’Addario Helicore E string. I ordered ’em from Lemur, which by the way is proof that there is a website out there for every little tiny niche market in the world. I’ll try this arrangement of strings first on my bass to see how they make it sound. The Thomastik Spirocore strings on there now are not the best for arco, although if I were a jazz or crossover player I suspect that I’d like their versatility between arco and pizzicato.

I think I have found a good way to practice bowing technique. I have taken some of my bowing exercises which were obnoxious and boring fixed-note patterns across two or three strings (which are really fucking painful for the left hand by the way, if you’re going to do this for any significant length of time) and rewritten them to fit in the context of some open-string scales. My theory is that this will offer the advantage more repetition in the bowing patterns, provide more varied string resistances as the scales ascend. It is hard to get a consistent tone as the notes get father apart. The bonus feature is that my left hand doesn’t cramp up, and I get some intonation work done at the same time.

Well, we shall see. Back to practice….