The true nature of war

The images we are shown from CNN and the other networks of the war in Iraq are not the whole story of what is happening there. We are being fed candy-coated news to shield our eyes from the truth: That war is bloddy, miserable, and horrific. People are being blown to bits over there, cut to shreds by massive explosions and hailstorms of bullets. Innocent people. This is not just collateral damage. These are real human beings here. Not just soldiers are dying out there: There are dozens, if not hundreds, of civilian casualties by now.

Click here for some photos of the reality of war. Be warned, they are shocking and horrific. These were originally posted on Al Jazeera’s website, but hackers have brought that site down. As twisted and biased as Al Jazeera’s newscasting is, one has to admit that they have been willing to cover a side of this war and of other conflicts that the “supposedly unbiased” major Western news agencies have been refusing to portray: That is, the bloddy faces of the true victims of war.

There can be no justification for the death of a signle innocent civilian, no matter how accidental, no matter what the cause. What really sickens me are the instances of collateral deaths of children. I see these photos, and then I think of my own two year old son, and I am horrified to imagine that such an autrocity could happen to anyone’s child. It fills my heart with dread and with shame to imagine that these horrific deaths are happening, right now, because of this war.

If you have not seen these photos, I urge you to take a look and see for yourself what the American media has been hiding from you. Spend some time to think about your own children. Think about how these people still alive in these photos must feel. Then think about how you feel about this war. Think about our own troops out there, our own men and women on the front lines, dug in to trenches, being shot at, and dying.

Now, ask yourself if Bush and Rumsfield and all the other war hawks, in their hearts and minds, have seen such images, and have they given the same consideration to this invasion.

For hours on end, CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News have been showing scene after scene of smoke and fires in the distance, crackly videophone interviews with embedded reporters, explosions in the night, and interviews with stodgy former generals. The networks beleive that to show the horrific details of actual casualties is in poor taste. But in the process, the people of this country are being blinded from the truth about what happens to actual human tissue when war is waged. People’s blood will spill. Their limbs will be blown off. Their intestines will spill out. The people of this country deserve to see what is really happening at this level, so that they can truly visualize and internalize the horrors of this conflict. I cannot beleive for one minute that anyone who has given a proper amount of thought to these realities would condone this unnecessary invasion.