Coloring the HR element line in CSS

I never, ever use this element, but HR has been bequeathed new life in HTML5 and I may start using it for providing more thematic break awesomeness to my already blindingly-awesome prose and poetry.

Anyway, someone asked me this question: Is color supported in all browsers by the HR element? To which I replied: “I have no clue. Let me investigate.”

Here’s an initial test:

Well hambone. Using the text rule for color on WebKit browsers yields no color change. Works fine in all cases in Firefox. IE gives no quarter to the border-color CSS property, but works fine with the text color value. Every browser supports HTML color attributes, but you know that using presentational markup is as wrong as Michelle Bachmann’s views on evolution and vaccination, so you just say no.

So what’s a poor web dev to do? Define a border width:

Replacing the original border-color rule with the shorthand listed here, or just providing an explicit border-width property, will render a consistent 2 pixel line in all browsers. If we just wrote something like border:thin solid red; we’d get a 2-pixel border – see you’d think the HR element is just a line, but in fact the browsers all treat it like a box it seems. So we have to clear it out with border:none; and then add a border-bottom or border-top rule to set a 1 pixel line. If you want different widths, you have arguably more accurate control by only having to argue with one border instead of two.

What… you want to replace that HR with a background image? Good idea. Check out this post at Neatly Sliced for the answer, and gird your loins for the usual IE kludgeries.

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