Rome Burning

Just a few links regarding the current events…

1. Fox News Slams Protesters

Fox News had its own response to the demonstrators. The news ticker rimming Fox’s headquarters on Sixth Avenue wasn’t carrying war updates as the protest began. Instead, it poked fun at the demonstrators, chiding them.

2. Bush Stutters Again

We’ve got plenty of Western allies,” President Bush gruffly told a reporter who asked yesterday why so many European countries opposed the invasion of Iraq. “We got,” Mr. Bush paused, as if searching for an example, then waved his arm dismissively. “I mean, we can give you the list.”

3. Sad Spouts Of Ignorance – Where humpback whales meet the snarling void of war, and human progress takes a bullet

I know what the whale-tail slaps are.

They are a reminder. No matter how much we think we know, no matter how many die as a result of Shrub’s vicious war, no matter what sort of self-righteous good we think we’re ramming down everyone’s throat, we are, quite simply, raging deeper into ignorance. We know nothing. And the worst part is, we seem to be learning less with every warhead, every Rummy press conference, every dust-choked reporter and dead soldier. The whales know this. Maybe they’re just waving goodbye.

4. Separation of Church and State Rolled Back Even Further

Democratic Rep. Dennis Kucinich of Ohio, a presidential hopeful and an opponent of the war in Iraq, said the resolution “may be seen by some as an attempt to inject religion into this war at a time when some of America’s enemies abroad are asserting that this indeed is a war about religion.”

5. White House Stifles Dissent

“What we’re beginning to see is a concerted attempt to attack anyone who dissents,” Congressman Sam Farr said at a press conference called Thursday by a handful of Democratic politicians who feel that the war against Iraq is misguided.

6. Lawmaker seeks details of Halliburton’s Iraq deal

“I am writing to inquire why the administration entered into a contract potentially worth tens of millions of dollars or more with a subsidiary of Halliburton without any competition or even notice to Congress,” Waxman wrote to Lt. Gen. Robert Flowers of the Army Corps of Engineers.

“Why did the administration fail to provide an opportunity for other companies to bid on this contract?” Waxman asked for a reply from the Army by April 4.

7. Key Rumsfeld Adviser Perle Resigns Post Amid Iraq War Profit Controversy

The controversy centers on Perle’s deal with bankrupt Global Crossing Ltd. to win government approval of its purchase by a joint venture of two Asian firms. Perle would receive $725,000 for his work, including $600,000 if the government approves the deal, according to lawyers and others involved in the bankruptcy case.