Some Google+ thoughts

No question, Google+ is Google’s most successful foray into the whole social media arena. I am sure this one will succeed where other initiatives have failed. I’m glad to see it taking off. But a few things need to be worked out for it to achieve it’s full potential. Here’s my unsolicited feedback:

I think the first thing I’d like to see is for all my Buzz content to go directly into my stream. I don’t want two streams, nor do I want to go look at a separate place for all the people I follow on Buzz vs. Google+. It is an extra step that I don’t have time to take.

Another thing I’d like to see is that my activity stream selection should remain persistent. Currently the default stream is for everybody in my circles, but I would much rather have that be filtered to whatever circle I choose or was last viewing.

In fact, get rid of Buzz. And figure out how Google Reader and Google Bookmarks play in with this. Integrate them, or get rid of any overlap or confusion. Do it now before the problems become worse. Don’t wait.

I would really like a way to have my Twitter posts show up in my Google+ stream. This again is a time issue – I don’t want to spend a lot of time tending my content on both networks. It’s largely the same crowd for me anyway. If I have a choice between one or the other, I’m going to spend the time on Twitter because that’s where most of my contacts are. On the other hand if my content is posted in both places, then I can see if there are responses and alerts in the Google nav bar whenever I’m using Gmail or Calendar, which would be fine.

The toolbar changes lists links for Web, Images, Videos, Maps, and News if I’m looking at one of those properties, and Calendar, Documents, Photos, and Reader if I’m in one of those areas. Gmail and Web are listed in both, although the Gmail toolbar uses the docs/photos/reader listing (inexplicably in gray instead of black I might add) and Web lists the web/images/videos set. Sometimes links open in new windows. Sometimes they don’t. Who knows or cares what will happen next? I’m feeling lucky! Sigh.

The mobile version of the site doesn’t let me +1 comments. Overall I’d like to see more functionality built in to the mobile version of the site.

The mobile app on iOS seems like an early beta. I opted out of using geolocation when I first launched it and now there’s no way to get it back.

There it is – my loving feedback. Fix all that and I will be back. xoxox -J.

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