This is the second time I’ve seen a live California Condor. The first time I barely remember – I was maybe 7 or 8 years old, and I had a fuzzy photo from the San Diego Zoo that I took myself. There were several in this part of the San Diego Wild Animal Park, and this one was posin’ for the camera:

California Condor

These are amazing animals. Same level of awe as when I was a kid…

2 thoughts on “Condor”

  1. Hi “sanbeiji”

    I love this pic ….

    Also love the one of you great grandfather, Wilder Ellis I saw on your flickr page. – That make’s us 2nd cousins. Jessie & Wilder are my great aunt & uncle! I have a wonderful picture of picking them up at the airport when I was a little kid.

    feel free to send me an email – I’d love to be in touch.

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