Quick tip for using TextMate with Confluence

If you like using TextMate for all your code editing needs, and are using the Confluence wiki platform, and you have TextMate set to work as an external editor in Cocoa apps (such as Safari), then this little bit of know-how may come in handy:

Confluence wiki markup looks suspiciously like Textile. In fact, yes, it is officially based on Textile markup. So if you are editing wiki markup in TextMate, set the language of the document to Textile and you’ll get all the nice color coding and formatting tools.

Best of all, the Function pop-up menu will find all your headings (h2., h3., etc.) and organize them into an indented menu for you, making long documents much easier to navigate.

One thought on “Quick tip for using TextMate with Confluence”

  1. Thanks for this tip! Company where I work for has switched to Confluence from DokuWiki and I’ve been missing editing my wiki markup in TextMate.

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