Pledge Ban Set for March 10

On March 10, a ban on the Pledge of Allegance will become official in nine western states. Thousands of students, officials, immigrants, and others, will suddenly not be allowed to recite the Pledge in an official setting. Politicians and ordinary citizens alike are calling this decision a mistake, but it seems that the real mistake was putting the “under God” clause in there in the first place. The purpose of the addition of this clause in 1954 was very clear: To distinguish the Americans from the “Godless Communists”. It is a government mandate to insert religion into our patriotic declaration. Obviously, this is a violation of the separation of church and state. But what really blows me away in all this is that there is a very pure, simple, obvious solution: Simply remove the controversial “under God” phrase in the Pledge, and move on with your lives. In all the press I have read on this issue today, not one paper noted this idea. Everyone wants to just throw their arms up in the air and say how terrible this is that people can’t declare their patriotism. Just change the damn thing and be done with it already!