War = Peace?

Bush’s latest oxy-moronic tirade: Invading Iraq could help peace in the Middle East. That’s neat: Trickle-down theory Reganomics applied to warmongering. Bush is now trying to convince us that this ludicrous invasion would help to stabilize the region and somehow magically bring peace. Wow… I can’t tell at this point if Bush is evil, crazy, or just plain dumb. Two outta three maybe? A triple play?

Bush says that the United Nations must help him on his personal crusade against Saddam Hussein or “fade into history as an ineffectve, irrelevant, debating society.” I would say that the United Nations is quite effective in doing what it can to prevent a rush to Bush’s call to war. It is quite relevant, despite the fact that Bush would much rather it was not relevant and he could do whatever he wants.

Sigh… this constant barrage of propoganda is just so disenchanting. I wish they would spend half as much time trying to fix the economy and improving our education system as they would on trying to bomb Iraq.