Google Voice Kit: if the Check Cloud icon doesn't work...

Google Voice Kit is an awesome little cardboard DIY project that guides you through setting up a Google Home-like device that leverages the Google Speech API.

I encountered a small issue when setting up our Voice Kit, and am documenting it here just in case someone runs into the same issue:

If you are at the point in the setup where you are instructed to double click the "Check Cloud" icon on your Pi desktop, and the result is that you see a terminal window quickly open and close without any further result, the problem may that the script that is trying to execute needs to run in a virtual environment.

To set up a virtual environment for this script to run in, open up a terminal window on your Pi and run this command:

source env/bin/activate

Then you should be able to run the script right from that same terminal session:


Here's the output from my terminal:

(env) pi@raspberrypi:~ $ ~/AIY-voice-kit-python/checkpoints/
Testing the Google Cloud Speech API...
Everything's set up to use the Google Cloud.
Press Enter to close...

I found the answer on the aiyprojects github, so just documenting that issue here in case anyone is having the same specific problem I was. ;-)


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